abc nomli tadbir senariysi

We learning english

O’quvchi: – Good morning

good morning

dear teachers

O’quvch: – Good morning our lovely friends lusky children.

O’quvchi: – Good morning, good morning

Good morning to you

Good morning, good morning

We are glad to see you.

O’quvchi: – Now we, must begin our

English programme

O’quvchi: – What time is it?

O’quvchi: – It is . . . OK. Here you are children please.

O’quvchi: – They are! My name is Gulnoza, Muhayyo, Robiya, Matluba, Aziz, Dilnoza, Husnida, Abbos, Ziyoda

Song about alphabet

A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S and T,U,V,W and X,Y,Z

This is called the alphabet

Which we never must torget.

“A” is for Alphabet and for ABC

Can you say the alphabet

“B” is for books and bookcase

I have many books in my bookcase

“C” is for cat. My cat is grey

And with me it likes to play.

“D” is for Dog and for Doggy

I have a dog not, a Doggy

“E” is for Eight and for eleven

How much is eight and eleven.

“F” is for flovers, red and blue

White and yellow and rosy, too.

“G” is for George and also for a Garden

I see George going to the Garden.

“H” is for Hands. Ihave two hands

This is the way I clap my hands.

“I”   is for I. I am a boy and Iam ten

I like to play with  my brother Ben.

“J” is for Jam. This is apple jam

Jimmy likes it, so does Sam.

“K” is for Kite. Kate has a kite

It is a little and it is white.

“L” is for letter. This letter is for me

It is from my sister, as you can see.

“M” is for my and for May Day

For march and for Mother’s Day.

“N” is for nine, ninety and ninety-nine

Children How much is ninety and nine.

“O” is for one, one and two are three

Three litlle cats are in a tree.

“P” is for pencils. Whit  them I can draw

A red pen, a green tree or blue door.

“Q” is for question. How are you?

How oid are you and how do you do.

“R” is for red. Many things are red

What can be red do you know Fred.

“S” is for street. This is my street

There are a lot of trees in my street.

“T” is for Tock.

“Tick-Tock” says the oclock.

“U” is for under, but not for at

“I’m under the tree”, saya Pat.

“V” is for five and also in seven

It is in the twelve and is Eleven.

“W” is for winter. When it is cold

But I likewinter and I like cold.

“X” is for six.Let’s count up to six

One, two, three, four and sux.

“Y” is for yard where children play

They play in the yard every day.

“Z” is for Zoo. Let’s go to the Zoo

I like to go to the Zoo and you?

I-Boshlovchi: This reference book deals with . The state symbols and basic facts about the Republic of Uzbekistan.

II-Boshlovchi: O’zbekiston Respublikasining milliy ramzlari va Konstitutsiya moddalariga:

I-O’quvchi:  The Republic of uzbekistan shall have its state symbols the flag. The emblem and the anthem-sanctioned by the can.

( Article 5 fromthe Constitution of the Republic Uzbekistan)

II-O’quvchi: November 18, 1991 the day of Adoption of the state Flag  of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

III-O’quvchi: July 2 ,1992 – the day of Adoption of the state Emblem of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

IV-O’quvchi: December 10, 1992 – the day of Adoption of the National Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

I-Boshlovchi: A qucue now: Holidays of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

January 1. The  Year  Holidays.

March 8.                        The International  Womens day.

March 21.                       The Holiday  of  Navruz.

May 9.                       The  day  of  Memory  and   Respects.

September 1.                    The day of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The first day of the religious holiday of “Ruza Hayit”.

The first day of the religious holiday of “Kurban Hayit”.

October 1.                          The  Teachers day.

December 8.                       The  Constitution  day.

II-Boshlovchi: A qucue now fuls story.

V-O’quvchi: The sun and the moon.

Two men werearguing one day about the sun and the moon and which of the

two was more useful. At last one of them said : “Oh, I know. The  Moon is

quilte north two suns, for it shipes at night when it is needed but the sun shines

in the day – time when nobody wants it”.

I-Boshlovchi: A qucue now. About Historical peoples.

Alisher Navoiy.

Amir    Temur.

William Shakespeare.


Draws and cars in our town

Run up and down

Run up and down

Stops loon of the light

First loon to the left

And then to the right

I put my right hand in

2I put my right hand out

I give my right hand

a shake, shake, shake

And turn my self about.

Can you hop like a rabbit?

Can you jump like a frog?

Can you wolk like a duek?

Can you run like a dog?

Little dogs

Two little puppy dogs

Wolk down the street

Two street puppy dogs

Wag tails as they meet

A happy New Year

The day is so clear

The moon is so white

The sky is so bright

“We shout with all our  wight ?

A happy New Year”

One, two, three, four, five

I caught a here alive

Six, seven, eight, nine ten

I let her go again.

Ihave a cat

His  name is Pit

And by the fire

He likes so sit …

Just six years old today

Just six years old today

Happy brithday. Happy brithday!

Jurnmyes six years old today

9.I aus running on my skis

White and silver stands the trees

Jim as quisk a quisk can de

The to casik me one , two, three

I have two legs

With which I walk

I hawe a tongul

Wish which I talk

11.Summmers here

Days are long

And the sun

Is hight and strong

I-O’qituvchi: Songs аbout: “What is your name?”

II-O’qituvchi: A qucue proberes now .

Hozir navbat maqollarga.

Maftuna:  Promise litlle but do much,

Kam va’da ber, ko’p ish qil.

Mohira:    A friend in med is a friend indied .

Do’st boshga kulfat tushganda bilinadi.

Muhammadjon:  It is never to late to leran.

O’qib o’rganishning hech qachon kechi bo’lmaydi.

Muxlisa:  Donet affend. She young boys and girls.

O’zingizdan kichkinalarni hafa qilmang.

Dilshoda:  Dont be crude nith she people around you.

Atrofingizdagi odamlarga qo’rrslik qilmang.

Munisa:  Brush your shoes clean the help your , brothers to have them cleaned.

Oyoq kiyiomingizni har kuni tozalang va ukalaringizga mpham yordam bering.

Aziz:  You must not read book in bed.

Yotib kitob o;qish mumkin emas.

Muslima:  Be lidy of school and in the classroom.

Maktab va sinfxonada tozalikka rioya qiling.

Sardor:  Donet cross the street in the red light .

Qizil chiroq yonganda ko’chani kesib o’tmang.

Rahim:  Go to school in time dont be lase.

Maktabga vaqtida boring kech qolmang.

Nozima:  Dont loose your time for northing .

Vaqitni bekorga o’tqazmang.

Ziroat:  First think then speak.

Avval o’yla keyin so’yla.

Gulnoza:  Actions speak londer than nords.

So’ziga emas ishiga boq.

Muhayyo:  One good turn deserver another.

Yaxshilik ko’rsang yaxshilik ko’rasan.

Robiya:  Always keep your promise.

Har doim so’zingni ustidan chiq.

I-O’qituvchi:  A qucue song now.  “One, one, one”.

II-O’qituvchi:  Aqucue poens.

Muhayyo:  Peter  has a pencil

Peter has a pen

He drans with his pencil

And writs with his pen.

Nodira:  Help your mother set the table

With a knife and fork and spoon

Help your mother set the table

Every afternoon.

Mohidil:  Mummys in the kitchen

As busy at can be

Cooking lots of good shings

Muhlisa:  New things to learen

A new friend to mut

A new song to sing

New joys to greet.

Muslima:  Once I can a little bird

Came hop, hop., hop

So, I cried little bird

Will you stop, stop, stop

Puzzles about            (Topishmoqlar)

Maftuna:  I have many leaves

But I’m not a tre

I’m a nice thing

Came and read me              ( a books )

Mahamad:  It doesn’t have legs but jamps                            ( aball )

Mohidil:   It is white and cold and sweet

All children like it                                          ( ice cream )

Aziz:  Five sons with one hame.                                ( singers )

Husnida:  Two brothers.

But they don’t see each other.                   ( eyes)

Munisa:  The teachers writers on me with chalk.

My face is black I cannot talk                     ( black  board )


I-O’qituvchi:  Early to bed , Early to rise  Makes a man healshy, wealshy and will.

II-O’qituvchi:  I can red  I can write

I can speak English too

I love learning English

And what about you?

III-O’qituvchi:  Ice cream

You  scream

Wall all scream

For ice cream

IV-O’qituvchi:  I have two sisters

And a brother

And a ans very, very, very

Fond of my brother.

A qucue song how.

“May there are almays”.

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